Tailored programs

You are welcome to customize your own piano recital or chamber music concert, performed at our studio or at the place of your choice. All the programs in the concert series are available.

Some other suggestions include:

  • Composer Portraits, e.g. Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart or Debussy...
  • Classic Light, highlights and encores for piano, or violin and piano.
  • Blue Hour Concerts, saxophone and piano, or cabaret music for voice and piano.
  • A Quatre Mains Favourites, a Schubert, Brahms and Ravel program for piano four hands.
  • Spanish and Latin American piano music.

Past events include:

  • For the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, a Chopin portrait for the first reading of Ingmar Bergmans "The Autumn Sonata" performed by Marinela Mitria.
  • A Orion Pharma event.
  • Private birthday and anniversary concerts.

We recommend a 30-50 minutes program, to be priced on demand. Our studio can house up to 25 people, there can be served a light snack with beverage.

Some voices about or concerts:

"Skilled musicians perform their own favourites in an intimate salon..."
Rikard Johansson, playwrigt and stage director